what this bug
Attached please find a photo of a flying insect i found enjoying the spring sunshine around my woodpile. the wings are hard to see but they can fly. they crawl very fast.
can you tell what they are?
thank you
jason sagerman

Hi Jason,
This is one of the Long Horned Borer Beetles from the Family Cerambycidae. Larva bore in wood. Perhaps your specimen just emerged after spring metamorphosis aftel living several years in the wood. We wanted to try to be more specific, so we wrote to Eric Eaton who kindly replied: “The borer is a species of Neoclytus in the Cerambycidae. Not knowing anything more, I wouldn’t venture a species guess. They are wasp mimics of course, with those markings and overall leggy appearance, short antennae. Thanks for sharing. It is like Christmas every time I open one of your e-mails.”

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