Please help to identify bugs
We have what seems like a million of these little black bugs, primarily in our finished basement. They are tiny – you can see next to the penny a comparison- but less than 1/8 inch. There are tons of them, though. We find them dead and alive. They have six legs, two antennae and a long, skinny nose/snout thing. They are semi-hard, but not so much that you can’t squeeze them. They are on the carpet (berber) and sometimes on the linoleum and concrete. Our basement is semi-underground. Meaning, if you look out the windows, the ground is a littler higher than waist level. We live in Maryland, so you can get an idea of climate/geography. Please help! We don’t know if they’re good, bad or indifferent. Thanks so much.
(Do we check your website for a reply or will you send it here? Thanks!!!)

Hi there,
We try to answer as many letters as possible. We post on the site and respond directly. You have some species of Grain Weevil, Sitophilus species. They are very small and the larvae, which do the damage in stored grains, are obese pale grubs without obvious legs.

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