Interesting one…
Hey “Bugman”,
I must tell you that I was pretty surprised (And happy) to find a site where I could just send a picture of this interesting bug I just found, and someone would identify it for me. I’m not naturally particularly interested in bugs, but this site is still going on my “Favorites” list. Anyhow, I live in South Carolina, and last night I saw this interesting looking bug, about 1.5” long running around on the sidewalk. I went to push it with the side of my foot into the middle of the sidewalk so I could see it better, but I accidentally squished it’s abdomen, and to my surpise it made a loud popping sound, just like those little white paper things that pop when you throw them on the ground (That you can get around 4th of July, usually…I hope you know what I’m talking about). Well, when I realized that it had something that looked quite a bit like claws, I decided I had to find out what it is. Here are a couple of pictures of it. Thanks for your time.

Hi Gabriel,
You accidentally trampled a Mole Cricket, Family Gryllotalpidae. These insects are usually found burrowing in the ground. Some species can fly.

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