what’s the rating on your site R?
Love the sight, but glad I checked it out before my budding entomologist 6 year old. see here
maggots.html David’s letter is a bit out of the rating "range" of most of your other letters. I do have a few shots of Mantis bug love if you’d like see attached. I have more if you are interested.

Hi Leanne,
Your photos are pretty awesome. I sure hope they did not end in cannibalism, though that often happens to ensure that mother mantis is strong enough to lay eggs. In our defense, we do not consider our site R rated, but it is for mature audiences. We speak like adults and we do not edit our letters. In responding to letters, we remain polite, but love a good witticism. Also, between adults, we know that the mantids are not in love, but really having sex. We thought carefully about the name for our Bug Love page and decided against the word sex because we didn’t want to get barraged by junkmail from porn sites, performance enhancing drugs and physical endowment alternatives. In the general scheme of things, our site, despite the occasional use of profanity from a poor homemaker who is plagued by flies, does not contribute to the delinquency of a minor.

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