Is this a moth?
I have several insects like that in the photo feeding on Floss flowers in my yard in Tucson, AZ. I have been unable to identify them in any of my insect identification references but it seems to have the characteristics of a diurnal moth. Am I correct and what is the species?
Bill Page

Hi Bill,
This is a diurnal moth, and Eric Eaton has substantiated our theory that it is in the genus Ctenucha. Sorry we haven’t a definitive species.

Thanks. Using your information, it appears to be Ctenucha venosa, Walker.
I typed Ctenucha into Google and this was about the third website listed. Thanks for your locating the Genus so I could find the species. The website showing the leads to the photos and the distribution may be found at: lepidoptera/ditrysia/noctuoidea/arctiidae/ctenuchinae/ctenucha/
From here I went to: moths/Arctiidae/C_venosa.jpg to find the photo and to: to find the range map. Thanks again,
Bill Page

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