camel/cave cricket photo
Hi there Bugman!
My husband and I are in the process of moving into a new home, which brings the joy of finding all kinds of new bugs! We’ve got Box Elder bugs hoping to move in for the winter, as well as forming aggregations on our mail box, trees, and just hanging out. We’ve got what I believe are some kind of seed or leaf footed bug also hoping to move in for the winter. If I can find another one, I’ll send a photo in, I’m having trouble identifying the particular kind I’ve got (despite using your site and googling) Anyway. I’ve always had a fondness for crickets, and really loved looking at the cricket section of WTB. Before we started moving in to our new house, we brought a friend by to see the place, and we found this little lady hanging out in what is about to be our library. I just thought I’d pass on a photo, in case you felt like sharing it with your other readers! Love the site!

Hi Prairie,
Thank you for your wonderful letter and great photo of a Camel Cricket. We get so many letters from people who are horrified when they find Camel Crickets in the basement.

I forgot to mention (probably because I didn’t need any identification help), that we live in Northern Alabama. The first time I saw this type of cricket, I did the same thing most people do, I accidentally mistook it for a spider, jumped, shreiked, and begged for someone to move it away. I just want to add that it seems Alabama natives love this response out of newcomers. We’re transplants from Washington state, and I’d never seen a cave/camel cricket before. (I’m more familiar with Mormon crickets and house/field crickets) I’ve seen so many sick smiles out of Alabamians when they see someone who’s meeting a cave cricket for the first time. And I have to admit, it’s starting to rub off on me. Just thought I’d share a little fun after the photo.

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