Dear bugguy,
I love your website. Like everyone else, I need to know what the name of a bug is. It has a flat head. (I’m sure it was supposed to be like that.) It has a very long slug-like body that is about 4 inches long. I see it every once in a while underneath my dog’s water dish. I would love to keep it in my insect collection, but I don’t want to kill it. I have never seen one like it before. My other pet slug that I had a few years ago turned into a liquid! Could you please tell me what this bug is? Thank you so much,

Hi Frances,
When we originally began What’s That Bug? years ago as a column in a small publication called American Homebody, we claimed it was a good idea because everybody wants to know “What’s That Bug?” and it seems we were right. This is an Arrowhead Flatworm, a species of Planaria.

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  1. klyoshiura says:

    Got something like this in my backyard garden. It was under a moist circular slab of wood. (Fukuoka City, Japan)

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