possible Black Soldier Fly
Hi. I’ve recently moved to a rural setting in Grady county in SW Georgia and I’m surrounded by all types of critters which are new to me. I ask for help verifying an insect as a Black Soldier Fly because I’m considering enlisting them in composting household food waste. The more I read about BSF the more I appreciate them. I’m curious what you’re feelings are about "using" an bug like this. Here is a link to a company which will soon be marketing a device for just that purpose. http://www.esrint.com/Bio.html The photo "possibleblacksolierfly" was taken in a house. The others were taken outdoors on food scraps. Thanks for the great website,

Hi Jerry,
Yes, this is a Black Soldier Fly, Hermetia illucens. The white tarsi or legs, which are especially noticeable on the window photo, are a distinguishing feature. Though we know nothing about the product you mention, we would fully endorse if if it worked. Keeping the fly population going might be a problem.

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