I am from Atlantic Canada and this summer I went camping with a friend and this little fly wouldn’t leave me alone. It wasn’t interested in my blood because the few times it landed on me it just stayed there and didn’t move. I was able to get tis picture of it and noticed the odd coloration in its eyes. You have any ideas?
Janita Sullivan

Hi Janita,
Your photo is so pretty. We don’t recognize the species of fly. We haven’t pestered Eric Eaton for an identification in a bit, so we will contact him. Here is Eric’s response: “Hi, Daniel: Neat images! The fly is one of the deer flies in the genus Chrysops (family Tabanidae, which includes the horse flies). Personally, I think the psychedelic eyes are a way of mezmerizing their victims (they slice and dice, then lap up the blood that flows from the wound). Deer flies tend to go for the head of human victims, so simply wearing a hat will help discourage them. Keep up the great work! Eric”

Location: Canada

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