My first potatobug encounter
I encountered this critter the other day whilst digging in my sorry excuse for a garden. It’s the biggest bug I’ve ever seen- even after spending my childhood chasing after various bugs. The part I really wanted to mention though: I’ve told more than a few people my favorite bug was the potatobug because I thought they were cute and I always played with them when I was little. This has never failed to illicit looks of disgust and I never understood why. -Now- I know why, thanks to your website… it was woodlice I liked. Not potatobugs. I’m a city gal, can you blame me? Enjoy the juicy pic. I swear it was probably a 5-pounder.

Hi Angela,
We are afraid to ask what the “wtf” title of your photo stands for since we strive (sometimes unsucessfully) to be a G-rated site. Thanks for your interesting Potato Bug anecdote.

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