ahhh!!! Praying mantis eating a Mouse!!! ICE!!!
Praying mantis eating Mice!!!
hey hey Bugman,
saw your carnage section of WhatsThatBug.com, and wanted to add some carnage in favor of our insectoid friends. Attached is some pictures of yes, a Mantis eating a Mice; it looks like a common green mantis, found here near DC, European Mantis (Mantis religiosa) and it had a ferocious appetite!!!

Did you take this photo?

yes, they were taking fall 2007, I have a few more pictures and a short video I believe. I live in the northern VA area, near DC.

Hi again TopheR,
Thanks for verifying that you are the author of this photo. When we first received it, we were reluctant to post without that confirmation because the image might have come from another website specializing in internet sensationalization. Now that you have been established as the author, we have additional questions and are ready to take the dialog online. There is still something about this image that doesn’t quite sit right with us. The mouse looks like a domestic mouse. No one will contest that Preying Mantids will eat what they can catch. We have seen photos of Mantids eating hummingbirds and lizards. Is this a captive Preying Mantis that was fed a pet store mouse?, or was it an actual documentary image of nature in action? The plant looks like a potted plant shot indoors, leading us to believe it is a staged photograph. We also want to clarify the difference between our Carnage pages and our Food Chain pages. Nature in action does not constitute carnage. Human intervention constitutes carnage. Insects eating one another and other life forms is the balance of nature, and those images find their way to our Food Chain section. Until we get a response from you regarding our latest queries, we will post your image to both Unnecessary Carnage (if the mouse was fed by you to the mantis for a sensational photo and video) and Food Chain (since the mantis did actually eat the mouse).

Update: Documentation of weird nature.
I had some pinkies I was feeding to my savannah monitor one at a time; I put them at the base of that ficus tree while I went to feed the lizard. The mantis was drawn to the movement of them, possibly the faint squeaking if they hear that good, and grabbed him one. I was suprised that the mantis could actually grab and hold onto it and climb because the pinkie mouse felt heavier than the mantis itself. The mantis ate enough of the mouse it kill it, but didnt finish all of it; it dined on the neck region of the mouse and then I assume after it was full, dropped the pinkie and proceeded to clean its claws and “fingers”.

Thanks for the clarification TopheR,
We will officially remove this entry from the Unnecessary Carnage page, and keep it on the Food Chain page where it belongs.

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