We found this in Merrill, Wisconsin over the Fourth of July weekend. I had a man at a wilderness conservation place look at it and he couldn’t even point me to anything close to what exactly it is. Unique little guy. It was neat to watch his scary mouth open the closer you got to him. We kept him for a little bit but then sent back out into nature. No harm done.
Merrill Wisconsin

Hi Merrill,
Over the years, we have received countless images of Dobsonflies, and many were quite interesting, but we have never seen a crazier image of a male Dobsonfly than yours. This image is priceless.

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  1. Ellen says:


    Fantastic photo!

    I believe what we’re seeing in this picture is the defensive posturing of the dobson fly. As a child I was witness to an actual dobson fly attack. A female dobson fly nipped my grandmother’s ankle and actually drew blood. My grandmother shrieked and kicked her ankle and sent the fly skittering across the kitchen floor. It landed in a corner and assumed this posture.

    If memory is corrrect, the body was arched, as in your photo, the jaws opened and closed in a menacing manner and the wings were flexing forward and back in a pulsating rythm. The whole display made an already large and intimidating bug appear downright ferocious.

    I haven’t seen a dobson fly since and was beginning to wonder if perhaps I had just imagined the whole display. Well here it is, captured forever in you photo.

    Thanks for sharing!

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