Can u tell me what bug this is?
Thu, Jan 15, 2009 at 8:21 AM
I found this bug in my terrace today and i just want to know what kind of bug this is can you please help me



Hi Gerard,
This is some species of Katydid, but we need to try to research exactly what species. That swordlike ovipositor, despite looking like a stinger, is actually used by the female to lay eggs. Your specimen is obviously a female Katydid. We have never seen a Katydid that looked like this and we are very curious to find out more information about it.

yea i have never did also thats whi i sent you the pic it even has a white patch near the front. to tell u the truth the swordlike ovipositor on the bug as i was approaching it she kind of puts her head own and sticks that tail up in the air like some sort of defense.

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