Giant Horsefly maggot?
April 2, 2010
Several days ago I was taking pictures of the tadpoles and water striders at a local pond when I noticed this strange creature. I think it might be a horsefly maggot, but I don’t really know.  This  guy was about 2 inches long, with a tapered “head” and “tail.” It was translucent white with brown bands. In one of the pictures you can see the flicking motion it used to swim. Any help you can provide in identifying this strange creature would be appreciated.
Josh Kouri

Horse Fly Larva

Hi Josh,
Thanks for sending your excellent photos of a Horse Fly Larva.  There is a report on BugGuide of a person being bitten by a Horse Fly Larva, so handle with caution.

Horse Fly Larva

Thanks for confirming the I.D. I’ve found these maggots several times in the past. The first time I found one my brother picked it up and it bit him! I don’t think he had any itching or swelling like the person on BugGuide, though.

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