Iridescent Green Weevil-Like Insect
May 11, 2010
One morning, I found this little guy sitting on the back of a hooded sweatshirt in my house. It’s around 3/16″ long. I thought it was some kind of weevil having a spherical head. I brought it outside in so I could photograph it. Even with it being rather cold, it still walked around making it rather difficult to get a good shot. I released it after a few glamour-shots.
The following evening I came home from work and put the same hoodie back on. After some brief yardwork I came back inside and saw something on my hand: It was what appeared to be the same insect from the day before!
Looking at the photos, the mandibles don’t look very weevil-like (to this neophyte).
Thank you!
Cleveland, Ohio

Green Immigrant Leaf Weevil

Dear TK,
The Green Immigrant Leaf Weevil, Polydrusus sericeus, was “introduced from Europe, where it is widespread
” according to BugGuide.

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