June 30, 2010
Hi Bugman,
I found this crawling across the yard and thought it was a worm. The nearest water source was at least 75 feet away. I’m thinking a bird or something dropped it. My husband informed me it was a leech. Did not know leeches were here in Chesapeake, VA. I did not kill but placed it in a ditch the farthest from the house. I was looking up a bug the other day on WTB and noticed you only had one pic of a leech posted and was reminded of mine. The pics are of it “stuck” to a rock when I wet it to keep it moist while I took pics. You could not pull off. Can you tell me what type it is? Thanks! ps I have more pics!
Dawn in SE VA
Southeast VA

Leech? or other Annelid Worm???

Hi Dawn,
Though we are inclined to agree that this is a Leech, we are not certain.  We hope that by posting your letter and image, we can get a confirmation from an expert in Leeches and Annelid Worms.

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One Response to Mystery: Possibly a Leech

  1. Gustaf fredell says:

    Ì am no expert but to me it looks like some sort of medicinal leech (although there are several different spiecies) they can apear black and are indigenous to America. Leeches can move very far from their water source.

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