Ed Note: It is impossible for our tiny staff to respond to every email, but if a person writes back indicating that a previous email was unanswered, we will attempt to provide a response.  In this particular situation, when a new email was sent two weeks later, there were no images, so rather than to sort through hundreds of emails, we responded accordingly, and then we received additional written information, but no photos.  Now our curiosity was truly piqued, so we tracked down the original letter which contained the images on this posting.

Mysterious Droppings

On Sun, Oct 17, 2010 at 7:02 AM
I haven’t heard anything from you,did you get my e-mail?

There are no photos attached.

I sent three but its hard to them they look like coffee grinds they are ale=ways in the same to places in the house. they accumulate on a white wooden box that covers our water heater, the other is on a glass and wood coffee table.  My boyfriend and i will clean theses ares and in a day or two the tiny brown specs will come back. they are smaller then coffee grinds. I video monitored it one night and nothing happened for two days i stopped and they appeared again.  I soaked wood over water heater with a very strong bug killer and in a day they cam back.  There are no holes in the ceiling so its not dropping, it not falling from ceiling fan because it would be spread out more.  We are losing our minds because we don’t know what it is so we don’t get rid of it. the house was built in the 1940’s we do see termite fras brown or black on the wood floors here and there.  Could something be picking up the fras and dropping it in the same two places.   I sold pest control in the 90’s so I know a little about it.  But this is mind boggling , we joke and say a ghost is doing it,lol  but we are really getting upset with it.  the economy does not allow me to hire someone right now.  I just heard my company is going to lay people off, so i have to watch every dime.  Please if you could just tell me what to do or a website that could help me i would so appreciate it.  Thank you for the time in reading this short novel.

Ed. Note:  Original Letter located
mysterious bug droppings
Location:  St .Augustine fl
October 3, 2010 11:46 am
We are losing our minds over this and so is all our friends. we have a wooden box covering a short hot water heater. On the top we wake up to find tiny brown spots in the same circle we look up no holes in the ceiling we inspect box no holes we clean it off and it always comes back. And get this on our glass coffee table in one corner always the same. So I said I know i will put down glue sticky traps and you won’t beleive this but brown dots smaller then coffee grinds on the glue traps an no sign of whats putting them there. Please help us we rent here and we are finally happy where we live but this is so annoying. we live in st.augustine ,fl
Signature:  jersigypci

Mysterious Droppings

Dear jersigypci,
We can see from the time stamp of February 1, 2006 that this unimaginably disturbing phenomenon has been plaguing you for more than four years and we cannot fathom how you have managed to endure it, but tragedies are all relative.  We cannot identify anything in your photographs and we are unable to provide you with any explanation for this horrific occurrence.  We would recommend professional help or perhaps just rent Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining and be thankful that your situation isn’t worse.  We actually can suggest one additional alternative that may provide closure.  Since we are posting your emails along with all of your photos, which we were able to locate, our readership may be able to help solve your mystery before your minds are totally lost.  Gentle Readers, please post a comment if you have any suggestions.

Mysterious Droppings

oh well thanks any way i thought if anyone could help us it would be you, since i heard how awesome you all were. i guess we’ll just have to live with iy.

Had you checked back, you would have seen that our readers have been posting comments.

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5 Responses to Assistance Requested from our Readership: What are the Mysterious Droppings???

  1. lttlechkn says:

    The only thing I can think of that leaves coffee ground like droppings would be German Cockroaches…

  2. Susan J. Hewitt says:

    My guess would be that these are not any kind of “droppings” at all. Perhaps in reality these particles are everywhere in your house, but you only notice them when they are on a white surface or on a horizontal glass surface. I would suggest that you check to see if these specks can actually appear pretty much anywhere in your apartment. Why don’t you try leaving a few clean white plates out in various localities in the house, and see if you get the same dark specks on them?

    If you do, I would be inclined to think that this is simply everyday dirt. I don’t know if you live in or near a city, but you would not believe what drops out of the air every day in my apartment in NYC, more so closer to the windows of course: lots of small dark particles, some of which are quite sticky.

    We tend to think that fine dust is the only “normal” thing to settle on a surface, but we don’t realize there is a lot of larger particulate matter that drops out of the air also (tiny fragments of rubber from thousands of car tires wearing out, tiny pieces of earth, etc). And remember that every surface of every item in your house (including your body) constantly sheds particles too. It’s an untidy world, all in all. I suspect this is due to entropy, not bugs.

    Susan J. Hewitt

    • bugman says:

      Excellent suggestion Susan. Daniel grew up in Youngstown, Ohio while the steel mills were going full bore and there was black, coffee ground grit on everything.

  3. Jerry Marple says:

    I have a similar infestation at one location inside the house. Except that above on the wall near the ceiling is a tiny 0.06 inch diameter hole that was hardly noticeable until I got real close. I cleaned up all the droppings off the top of our file cabinet (hundreds of them) and spackeled up the hole. Two weeks later more droppings appeared and a new hole next to the one I patched. Any suggestions before I drill a larger hole in the wall, stick a funnel in the hole and spray it with insecticide? The wall is drywall.

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