?Longhorn Beetle?
Location: Arundel, West Sussex UK
May 20, 2011 5:41 am
Came across this beetle today 20052011 on framework of conservatory.
Could you identify, please?
Signature: Brian

Thick Legged Flower Beetle

Dear Brian,
Without too much effort, we quickly identified this comely specimen as a male Thick Legged Flower Beetle,
Oedemera nobilis, on the National Insect Week website (June 25 – July 1, 2012)  where it states:  “This spectacular metallic-green beetle is usually seen on flowers. Only the male – seen here – has the characteristic thickened hind ‘thighs’ (femora). This species is common in gardens and grassland, and in open spaces in woods, in the south, but is more often found in coastal areas in the north of the country. The larvae feed and develop within plant stems.”  The Natural England website adds this information:  “This species is often seen on the flowers of ox-eye daisies. Another commonly seen species in gardens is a dull sage-green colour. Both are common throughout southern and south east England, but are a lucky rare find in the north, apart from south Cumbria where they are not uncommon.  Adults feed on pollen in a wide variety of open-structured flowers. It may be found on various members of the daisy, carrot and rose family, including hogweed, hawthorn, dogrose and bramble. The larvae live in hollow plant stems.”

Location: Arundel, West Sussex, UK

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