Help indentifying bug
Location: Virginia Beach, VA in the sand
June 30, 2011 12:31 pm
Hi, found the attached bug in at the beach on Virginia Beach, VA.
The bug had wings but could not fly due to the wind.
I took him to a bush on the boardwalk and wanted to know if he would survive there.
He also had trouble walking through the hairs of my arm.
Many thanks,
Signature: Viko


Hi Viko,
We seem to recall encountering this beetle on BugGuide when trying to research something else, but we can’t recall where to start looking.  We didn’t think it could be a Cerambycid, but it sure looks like
Psyrassa pertenuis which we located on BugGuide and furthermore, you are in the range according to the data page on bugGuide.


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Location: Virginia

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