Daniel – Bird Bath Rescue
Location: Hawthorne, CA
August 20, 2011 1:35 pm
Here’s a small fly that I pulled out of the bird bath last week. The photo isn’t great, but I’m hoping it’s good enough for you to be able to identify.
Signature: Thanks, Anna Carreon

Yellow Masked Bee

Hi Anna,
We realized when we first looked at this photo two days ago that it was a bee and not a fly, but we did not have an identification, so we did not write back.  We have now identified this little creature as a Yellow Masked Bee in the genus
Hylaeus, thanks to this photo posted to BugGuide.  According to BugGuide, there are over 50 species in North America, and we do not have the necessary skills to identify this individual beyond the genus level.

Many thanks for the id on this little bee.  Maybe one day I’ll finally stop mixing up my bees and flies.  I don’t have many bees that plunk themselves into the birdbath, and this was a very small one.  My eyes aren’t what they used to be!

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Location: California

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