Spider Couple in the dew
Location: Southernmost Ohio
September 16, 2011 7:52 am
I took a visit to Southern Ohio, and while my goal was to look for snakes that we do not have in Northern Ohio where I hail from, my camping buddy and I ended up getting terribly sick and did not leave the campsite. This did allow me plenty of time to laze around and look for spiders though, and this must have been Orb Weaver city; Found so many! Most of them were easy to identify, but this guy and gal (I suppose I don’t know for sure that they are of the same species…) I am not so sure of. Probably didn’t help that I didn’t think to get a photo from the front! As always, love your website. Not only informational, but highly entertaining 🙂
Signature: Katy

Pair of Orbweavers: But What Species???

Hi Katy,
WE are sorry to hear that your camping trip did not turn out as planned, but we are very happy to post your fascinating photo.  We agree that this is most likely a pair of Orbweavers, with the female on the left.  She has a very distinctive profile, and we have identified similarly shaped spiders in the past, but we are not having any luck identifying your species on BugGuide.  Perhaps our readership will have better luck at an identification than we have had.

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Location: Ohio

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