26 legged insect
Location: Blue Ridge, Virginia
October 16, 2011 10:13 pm
Hello, I have seen this bug around my house for a few months now and have no idea what it is! I live in Charlottesville, Virginia and have seen this bug since the mid summer. Oddly, while in Italy during the summer I am sure I saw one of these insects. Please help.
Signature: Gabriel

House Centipede

I have realized after looking through your Top Ten list that this is a House Centipede. Though I now know they are harmless, I can’t help but find them creepy after the one that ran at me when it noticed me. I hope you like the pictures!

House Centipede

Hi Gabriel,
Your very detailed photos are a wonderful addition to our website.  We are very happy to learn that you were able to self identify this House Centipede.  There is some indication that they might bite a person if provoked, but their venom is not highly toxic and will cause little more than irritation in most people, however, with severe allergic reactions on the rise from everything, including peanuts and pain relievers, we cannot predict what might happen if a particularly sensitive person happens to get bitten.  For the record, Centipedes are not insects.  Insects have but six legs.

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Location: Virginia

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  1. paggreen@yahoo.com says:

    Wanted to add that house centipedes travel in pairs. Over the years in every encounter, when I have found one, I found its mate within a yard’s distance.

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