Sulfur Butterfly Caterpillar?
Location:  Great Smoky Mountains, Cosby, TN
May 20, 2012
Hi Daniel and Lisa,
After spending an hour on The BugGuide and your marvelous site, Sulfur Butterfly Caterpillar is a close to an identification that I could come.  I thought, due to the distinctive markings and coloring, it wouldn’t be hard to ID, but there I go thinking again!
Relying on your expertise…one more time!
Many Thanks, as always,
R.G. Marion
Great Smoky Mountains in May
Cosby, TN

Lettered Sphinx Caterpillar

Hi RG,
The caudal horn indicates that this is a Sphinx Moth Caterpillar, and upon searching the Sphingidae of the Americas website for Tennessee species, we determined that this is most likely
Darapsa myron, the Virginia Creeper Sphinx.  Though the colors do not match any images we have found, there is much variation in the colors of different individuals.  We will copy Bill Oehlke on our response to see if he can confirm our identification. 

Thank you so much.  Not just for the timely ID, but now I know which end is which! 😀  ‘Preciate your time.

You are funny R.G.  The caterpillar moves in the direction the head is facing.

Correction:  Lettered Sphinx, not Virginia Creeper Sphinx
Thanks to a comment from Ryan, we have made the correction.  You may view images of the Lettered Sphinx Caterpillar on BugGuide and on Sphingidae of the Americas.

Location: Tennessee

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  1. ryan says:

    This is a Lettered sphinx, Deidamia inscriptum.

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