Subject: What is that bug?
Location: Thailan, Phuket
August 7, 2012 9:55 am
Found on my kitchen in Thailand
Signature: Alex

Mating Oleander Walkingsticks

Dear Alex,
How big is this thing?  It would be a really great Horror Movie monster.  This insect is a Phasmid, a member of the insect order Phasmida,  commonly called Stick Insects or Walkingsticks.  Can you provide any additional details?  We will do some additional research later today.

Hi Daniel,
Thank you for fast response.
It was around 13 cm. And actually there was a pair of such things. I don’t know if you received picture in good quality, here it is again 🙂
Alexander “Ma” Maltsev

Hi again Alex,
We are not having any luck matching your image to any particular species in Thailand.  We can tell you this individual has had some trauma in its life as it appears to be missing two legs.

Update:  September 15, 2012
Thanks to a comment from Bruno, he believes that these are mating Phasmids in the genus
Trachythorax.  According to the Siam Insect Zoo, they are commonly called Oleander Walkingsticks.


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Location: Thailand

4 Responses to Mating Stick Insects from Thailand is Trachythorax species

  1. Bugophile says:

    I’m surprised you didn’t tag this one for Bug Love! The size difference is sure amazing!

    • bugman says:

      Dear Bugophile,
      Thank you for bringing this to our attention. We have corrected the posting. We were very sleepy last night when this was first posted and because of the shallow depth of field, the size difference and the crazy optical illusion tablecloth, we missed the diminutive male Stick Insect. We really appreciate our readership keeping us on our toes.

  2. this is an adult couple of a Trachythorax species, might be T. maculicollis.
    The male is indeed quite a bit smaller than the female

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