Subject: Two headed butterfly
Location: Cozumel island, Mexico
August 29, 2012 10:37 pm
Hi guys,
I photographied this butterfly on Cozumel island, Mexico on january 17th, 5 years ago. I found it on low tropical forest.
Can you help me to identify it?
Thank you very much, in advanced.
Best wishes.
Signature: Cristopher Gonzalez


Hi Christopher,
This little beauty is one of the Hairstreaks in the subfamily Theclinae.  We doubt this species is represented on BugGuide, but we haven’t the time to research the species right now.  We wish your photo did not crop out the antennae, but perhaps you cropped them in post production and you are able to resend the original digital file so we can format it.  Your photo does show the protective mimicry the butterflies in this subfamily exhibit.  A predator might make a grab for the dominant face on the right of your photo and find itself with a mouth full of wing while the Gossamer Winged beauty flies away. 

Location: Mexico

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