Subject: American Lappet Moth
Location: Mancelona, MI
June 27, 2014 8:06 pm
This lovely (sometimes) orange moth allows its hindwing to peep out like a bedskirt from beneath its forewing. Found him/her hanging around on the dining hall screen door about a week ago after a warm night here in northern lower Michigan. According to Bugguide, the American Lappet Moth (Phyllodesma americana) has a wingspan of 29 to 49 mm.
Signature: Helen

American Lappet Moth

American Lappet Moth

Hi Helen,
Thanks so much for doing all the research on this American Lappet Moth and for providing such a high quality image for posting to our site.  BugGuide also states that the scientific name,
Phyllodesma americana:  “refers to the leaf-mimicing shape of the wings, and perhaps the pale bands on the forewing and hindwing.” 

Location: Mancelona, Michigan

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