Subject: Pretty moth?
Location: Memphis, Tn
October 7, 2014 2:57 pm
Hi Bugman,
Love your site. We found this guy on the porch and was wondering what kind of moth this was.
Thanks ,
Memphis, TN
Signature: Carol

Unknown Moth

Unknown Moth

Dear Carol,
We wish you had a dorsal view of this pretty moth as it is giving us some difficulty.  At first we thought it might be a Lappet Moth in the family Lasiocampidae, but we couldn’t find any matches on BugGuide.  Perhaps one of our readers can assist with the identification.

unknown Moth

unknown Moth

We wrote to Julian Donahue who promptly wrote back with the following identification.

Julian Donahue identifies Dot-Lined White
Right on with Lasiocampidae. It’s Artace cribrarius.
Because the wings are somewhat translucent, I suspect that the greenish tinge is an artifact of lighting or photography.
More photos and distribution map at:

Location: Memphis, Tennessee

One Response to Dot-Lined White Moth is formerly Unknown Moth

  1. Michael says:

    Though it’s kinda tough to tell from these angles, that looks a lot like a dot lined white to me. Could that be it?

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