Subject: This is the weirdest beetle I’ve ever seen
Location: Sarapiqui, Costa Rica
January 17, 2015 8:39 pm
Hi guys, I’ve got another puzzle for you! This time it’s a beetle (I think), maybe a sort of weevil? I found it hanging out on my bed (eek!) in Saripiqui, Costa Rica when I returned from a hike. It looks like its antennae are coming out of its nose! From the tip of the antennae to the bottom it was about a third the length of my hand, with yellow vertical marks on its back. (photo taken Jan 10, 2015)
Signature: Lauren

Tropical Weevil:  Brentus anchorago

Tropical Weevil: Brentus anchorago

Dear Lauren,
Your beetle is a Tropical Weevil,
Brentus anchorago.

Location: Sarapiqui, Costa Rica

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