Subject: Eggs identification
Location: Southern California
March 6, 2015 11:06 am
Just found these eggs coming out of a hole in my couch. Any idea what this is???
Signature: Jennifer Palumbo

Termite Pellets

Termite Pellets

Dear Jennifer,
We don’t believe these are eggs.  We believe they are Drywood Termite Pellets, the name used for the fecal droppings.  According to the Clemson University site:  “Drywood termite colonies are sometimes noticed when their droppings or fecal pellets are found around the infested site. These termites make small, temporary openings, “kick-out” holes, from which they push out fecal material. The holes are later resealed. Fecal pellets are about 1/16″ long. They may be black, cream colored or a combination, giving them a “salt and pepper” appearance. Fecal pellets are often found in piles like tiny stones. Each tiny pellet has six dented sides but this can only be seen using a magnifying lens.”
  The Termites are probably feeding on the wooden frame of the couch.

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Location: California

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