Subject: Tell me this isn’t a beg bug
Location: philadelphia
May 20, 2015 5:00 am
I am hoping you can help me figure out what this is. This is the third one of this bugs I have seen in my apartment, the first was on the wall by our linen closet, the second on the couch, and this was on the wall above my bed. I flushed the first and squished the second two and both had a blood like color left behind when I squished it. I live with roommates so any of us could have tracked something like this in. We also live around a few large trees so it is not uncommon for us to see various bugs/spiders. I have also checked my mattress and have not seen anything suspicious.
Signature: nervous renter

Bed Bug

Bed Bug

Dear nervous renter,
This is a Bed Bug.

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Location: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

10 Responses to Bed Bug in PHiladelphia

  1. That’s definitely a bed bug

  2. It’s definately not a beg bug.

  3. Itchy in florida says:

    Omg im kinda freaking out after seeing this. My old apartment that i moved out of I’m pretty sure had these. We thought it was infested with oriental/german roaches. But as I’m looking at this I’m thinking bedbugs.and everyone that lived there had these bugs. Should i call the health department or something?

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