Subject: Shiny green beetle
Location: London SE13
July 6, 2015 6:11 am
can you help me identify this beetle, reasonable abundant at the moment inmy local cemetary (Brockley & Ladywell), and usually found on flower heads
Signature: A Smith

Thick Legged Flower Beetle

Thick Legged Flower Beetle

Dear A Smith,
We located your beetle on Nature Spot where it is identified as a Swollen Thighed Beetle,
Oedemera nobilis, and this information is provided:  “Habitat Flower meadows, gardens and waste ground where they visit flowers.  When to see it April to September.  Life History This beetle is a pollen feeder.”  It is a False Blister Beetle in the family  Oedemeridae.  We found it in our archives and we previously used the common name Thick Legged Flower Beetle.

Location: London, England

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