Subject: Please indentify if able, Thank You
Location: Midwest, Minnesota. United States Of America
July 17, 2015 6:36 am
Sitting, right outside my backdoor. Enjoying a morning smoke before breakfast. This little guy, decides to walk across the tows of my shoe. Down onto a leaf in the grass. Kind of resembles a bumble bee. Only white and black. Instead of yellow, and the eyes shaped different. Which leads to my curiosity, if it may be a different species possibly.
Signature: By the person/ individual who is willing to kindly help answer my question 😉

Bot Fly

Bot Fly

Dear person/individual,
This is a Rodent Bot Fly in the genus
Cuterebra, and members of the genus are often very host specific.  Rodent Bot Flies are external parasites on mice, squirrels and rabbits.

Location: Minnesota

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