Subject: Assassin bug preying on fly?
Location: Kingston, Ontario
September 16, 2015 3:17 pm
Hey there Daniel!
I spent the evening in a mesh tent observing all sorts of bugs – some I’ll be sending for IDs if you feel like it! A robberfly, a dragonfly, many ants, a horsefly, some sort of wasp-mimic, I think. And then, these two.
I think it’s a sort of assassin bug munching on a house fly. He has red eyes and a sort of yellow-borded red saddles on his back/abdomen.
Thanks for your time! I’m currently browsing through the posts so far – I’m on page 205 atm.
Signature: Dannie

Assassin Bug nymph eats Fly

Assassin Bug nymph eats Fly

Dear Dannie,
By comparing your image to Assassin Bug nymphs on BugGuide, we believe we have correctly identified your individual as
Zelus luridus.

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Location: Kingston, Ontario, Canada

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