Subject: Black bug with white stripes
Location: near Tucson, Arizona
October 27, 2015 6:53 pm
The attached photo was taken October 27, 2015, about 4pm. This bug is frequently found on Ericameria laricifolia: Turpentine Bush (shown).
Signature: Tucson Gardener

Veined Ctenucha

Veined Ctenucha

Dear Tucson Gardener,
This lovely diurnal Tiger Moth is a Veined Ctenucha,
Ctenucha venosa, a species found in the states of the Southwest.  You can compare your individual to images posted to BugGuide.  Since we will be away from the office later in the week, we are post-dating your submission to go live in our absence.

Thank you. I had no idea some moths were not “fuzzy”.

Location: Tucson, Arizona

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