Subject: Two Tiger moths from Brazil
Location: Rio Cristalino, Brazil
October 27, 2015 11:57 am
Hi Bugman,
Here are a couple of beautiful moths which I am having trouble pinning down. They were both seen at Cristalino Jungle Lodge in lower Amazonia, Brazil.
The Wasp Moth is similar to many I’ve found on the web but I have not found one where the gold stripes are vertical along the body, as in this one!
The Tiger moth looks like many similar Eucereon sp. but I have not found any with this color combination.
I look forward to your opinion.
Signature: Jczinn

Wasp Mimic Moth

Wasp Mimic Moth

Dear Jczinn,
We found a matching image to your Wasp Mimic Tiger Moth from the Subtribe Euchromiina on FlickR, that is identified as
Calonotos angustipennis.  We don’t know if the subtle differences represent a different species in the same genus or if it is subtle variation within the species.  We located a second image on FlickR that is nearly identical to your image and Cahurel Entomologie has many similar looking species. Your second moth we have not had a chance to identify, but we will give our readership an identification challenge while we are out of the office for a few days at the end of the week.

Tiger Moth

Tiger Moth:  Eucereon latifascia

Wow, that was fast–thank you! It certainly looks good for Calonotos angustipennis. Hope someone can ID #2 as well.
Really appreciate it!

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Location: Cristalino Jungle Lodge, Brazil

6 Responses to Two Brazilian Tiger Moths

  1. Cesar Crash says:

    Second looks like an Eucereon sp., maybe E. latifascia.

  2. Cesar Crash says:

    Second looks like an Eucereon sp., maybe E. latifascia.

  3. The Calonotos is a better match with C. longipennis, according to specimen photos at I have also photographed this species twice at Cristalino Jungle Lodge. Incidentally the marker on the map that appears above is misplaced by a few hundred kilometers. Cristalino is located at -9.59759°, -55.93127°. Regards, Rich Hoyer

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