Subject: Is this bug dangerous?
Location: Surrey, BC, Canada
November 20, 2015 11:17 pm
I live in British Columbia, Surrey, Canada and I see this bug all over Surrey in BC. Many times this bug tries to enter my mouse but I am scared this bug is dangerous or carries a disease like the jugu or whatever it is called disease. One time it did enter my house and it made this loud flopping of the wing and it looks huge and big and scary and I killed it…of course I was terrified to come close to it. This bug is super, super, super slow when it comes to walking.
Can you tell me what the name of the bug and if it is dangerous? Thanks
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Western Conifer Seed Bug

Western Conifer Seed Bug

This Western Conifer Seed Bug is not dangerous.  Western Conifer Seed Bugs often seek shelter indoors when weather turns colder, but we can’t understand why it is attempting to enter your mouse.

Sorry I meant house not mouse 🙂
People say that this bug as you described it: is called TRIATOMA INFESTANS BUG which will bring CHAGAS disease which literally is the 1st thought that came in my mind when I saw it. That is exactly that bug in my living room and washroom and I wish to confirm if it is true it is that dangerous chagas transmitting disease or not.

We don’t mean to disparage the internet as we are also an internet resource, but we don’t believe everything we read on the internet where any paranoid kook can write and post all manner of outrageously false information.  We have already identified your insect as a Western Conifer Seed Bug, Leptoglossus occidentalis.  Triatoma infestans, which does spread Chagas Disease, is a South American species, and the last time we checked a map, British Columbia is not located in South America with its namesake Colombia, though we could probably locate a map on the internet that places it there.  There are related members in the genus Triatoma found in North America, including the Eastern Blood Sucking Conenose Bug and the Western Blood Sucking Conenose Bug, but we reiterate, your insect is a harmless Western Conifer Seed Bug and it is NOT a member of the genus Triatoma.

Thank you 100% and I trust your professional information and I believe you 100% on what you said about the insect and also about the internet. I hope to ask you in the future with more insects I will see in the future and apologies if I offended you :). Just one question, if it lands on me or I handle it…would it bite me?

For the record, we are not entomologists, so we don’t have any professional credentials.  Like other internet sites, we often post incorrect information, but we strive for accuracy.  We do not take offense and no apologies are necessary.  We once heard it said that “if it has a mouth, it can bite” but we have not gotten any reports of people being bitten by Western Conifer Seed Bugs, though they do have mouths designed to pierce and suck fluids from seeds, so it is entirely possible that a bite could occur.  Please feel free to submit any future identification requests and we will try our best to respond.

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Location: Surrey, British Columbia, Canada

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