Subject: Is this a tick?
Location: Central Alberta, Canada
April 10, 2016 12:49 am
Over the course of the past year I have found several of these in my home, and at my workplace. I have always found them crawling on walls, always very small (smaller than the size of a pin head). They squish very easily (I did not want the chance of anyone getting bitten if it was a tick) and do not move quickly. We do have a cat that goes in and out, and live in a heavily wooded area, so thought they could possibly be tick in a nymph or larvae stage coming in on the cat. As I have said, always found on walls, sometimes quite high up.
Signature: Kayla



Dear Kayla,
This is a harmless, beneficial Pseudoscorpion that will help keep your home and work free of other, potentially problematic pest species as it is a predator.

Location: Alberta, Canada

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