Subject: Milkweed bug?
Location: Roma, Queensland
February 7, 2017 6:45 am
Hi, im working in australia at the moment and this guy got into my boilersuit and bit my leg! The closest thing i could find on google was a large milkweed bug but it doesnt look exactly like the pictures, and google says they dont bite? Unfortunately my colleague stepped on him before i could take a picture of him and take him outside. I also seen a spider that one of the locals told me is a red back spider, but again it doesnt look like the pictures on google. Just curious as we dont have any of these guys back home and wouldnt want to tell people its the wrong bug!
Signature: Jon

Assassin Bug

Dear Jon,
We feel confident that this is a male Ground Assassin Bug in the genus
Ectomocoris, but the Brisbane Insect site only has images of wingless females and we only have images of wingless females in our archive.  We located a thumbnail of a male Ground Assassin Bug on the Atlas of Living Australia, but we cannot find the page with the full sized image.  We also located these images of mounted specimens on the Swedish Museum of Natural History.  The Spider is NOT a Redback

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Location: Roma, Queensland

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