Subject: White Lined Sphinx Moth?
Location: Nevada, USA
February 28, 2017 6:38 am
Would this be a cocoon or pupae?
My neighbor found it in her garage so I placed in a protected outdoor plant, just barely covered with soil. I live in Las Vegas, NV & it’s Feb 28, with currently 45degree lows. I’ve seen many White Lined Sphinx Moths around here so I’m guessing that’s what I have. Did I do the right thing with it? I’ve also included a photo of a tree in my yard which has white flowers that remain open at night. There are also many wild Primrose plants growing in the desert near me.
Signature: Renee Rhodes

Manduca Pupa

Dear Renee,
This is definitely a Sphinx Pupa, but is it not that of a Whitelined Sphinx.  Your individual has a “handle” that is the casing for the proboscis and that detached casing is absent in the Whitelined Sphinx Pupa that is pictured on Sphingidae of the Americas.  We believe your individual is from the genus
Manduca that contains at least two species that feed on the leaves of tomato plants and other related plants in the family.  See images on Things Biological and Russell Labs.  

Location: Las Vegas, Nevada

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  1. Bostjan Dvorak says:

    Great finding, Thanks for sharing. Yes, a Manduca species! – According to the “handle” shape (and Your location) I suppose M. rustica. But, as there is obviously quite much variation, I’m not sure at all… Maybe You can store it carefully in a hand-shaped chamber of soft and humid soil within a box, at moderate low temperatures (best corresponding to those outdoors), with some twigs around it, and let the moth emerge in spring…. I’d be glad to see the moth, as I am so curious – and it could be a great Easter event to see its birth… Thank You in advance!

    Nice wishes,

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