Subject: Unknown
Location: Manitoba, Canada
July 3, 2017 9:53 am
In a bush filled with recently emerged Hexegenia, I came across this guy that I’m having difficulty identifying.
Location: eastern Manitoba, Canada (Lac Du Bonnet area).
Signature: Darrell


Dear Darrell,
This looks like a member of the order Diptera, and we wrote to Eric Eaton for assistance, but in the meantime, we continued to research and we found this Green Midge from Canada pictured on BugGuide.  We believe this is a Midge.  Here is another BugGuide image but this individual is from California.

Location: Manitoba, Canada

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  1. Tamike000 says:

    A friend of mine were walking a few nights ago in the evening on the Greenbelt in Boise Idaho when we were attacked by invisible bugs yes invisible we are covered with welts bruises and it is horrific pain from what I can gather we were attacked by what they call no see um bug which they say is a mate is this possible

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