Subject:  squat yellow bug w tiny praying mantis legs
Geographic location of the bug:Madison, Wisconsin
Date: 09/03/2017
Time: 02:59 PM EDT
found this little dude crawling on my picnic blanket and I’ve never seen anything like it. he has wings, but was happy to just crawl around my hands for several minutes before he decided to fly away.
How you want your letter signed:  kk

Jagged Ambush Bug

Dear kk,
The magenta knit background beautifully contrasts the chartreuse color of your Jagged Ambush Bug, quite unlike the typical camouflage it enjoys when resting on many blossoms.  The Jagged Ambush Bug is a predator that uses its raptorial front legs to capture prey much as a Preying Mantis hunts.

Location: Madison, Wisconsin

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