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Argentine Ants were swarming the wisteria.

Ikebana with Black Walnut, Wisteria and Fuschia

What caused this branch to turn yellow?  Might this endangered California Black Walnut Tree have 1000 Cankers Disease?

Ikebana with Black Walnut, Wisteria and Fuschia

This Ikebana looks much prettier with natural light.  We spent quite some time today indulging ourselves and working in the garden.

Announcement:  Though it only deals with insects in the most oblique way, Ikebana, or traditional Japanese flower arranging, does belong on What’s That Bug? because of the garden.

November 28, 2010
I modified the previous Chiko Ikebana flower arrangement yesterday evening and this morning.  Pearl Marlos, Daniel’s mother in Ohio, continues to exert her status as a master of Ikebana, and probably the foremost practitioner in the Tri-County area surrounding Youngstown.  Pearl needs her Chico School notes transcribed, and Daniel is thrilled that he will be doing the translation.

Chiko Ikebana with veiled Manduca quinquemaculata pupa 26 October 2010

The Five Spotted Hawkmoth pupa buried in the dirt in the veiled bowl, the larger Chiko element in this front porch arrangement, is a remnant of the cancelled Los Angeles local morning news show booking.  Daniel did not want to bring live insects to the show, and the California Mantid’s demise resulted in Daniel cancelling an October 25 appearance.  This hornworm was also an intended news show guest, but it descended into the dirt prior to the appearance as well.  With a dead mantis and a buried pupa, Daniel became disenchanted with the news appearance.

The Chiko arrangement proper is composed of lantana line, chrysanthemum secondary line, and red rose ( a cutting from the bush that grew over the septic tank ) as the accent.

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Chiko Update: Material removed and material added
November 28, 2010  3:30 PM
I removed the red rose and added a sterling silver, but more importantly, I trimmed the wisteria on the fence.  There was a long double runner on the ground.  I pruned it away and twisted the whip into a loop.  I should not have trimmed the stem’s first joint off completely because it would have anchored better in the tripartate container.

Chiko Ikebana with wisteria and Sterling Silver

The Sterling Silver is in Irene’s Venus toothbrush holder from nearly thirty years ago.