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I breed Captive Bred Peripatus (Velvet worms).
I have to say, your website has provided me with much insight about unknown bugs I encounter wherever I go. As a gift, I will show you my peripatus thriving in my enclosed enviroment. I have them in a Emerson wine cooler at temps between 50~62 degrees constantly with "bed-a-beast" substrate and old rotten wood a generous man shipped me from washington. I have 3 adults, and 9 babies which are voracious eaters. I hope you enjoy my photos. I wouldnt mind a bit if you post these on your website… just as long as you let me know when you posted them and a link so I can see whateveryone is having a blast seeing 🙂 thank you again for your informative website.
Mario Gamez

Hi Mario,
Thank you for your wonderful letter. We will be posting several of your photos of adult Velvet Worms. If you can respond, please let us know where you live and where the specimens were originally collected.