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Subject: Mystery Nest thing
Location: Oklahoma, USA
August 13, 2017 11:02 pm
This is up above out back doorway and I cant find it anywhere on google or anywhere! Mum thought it was a birds nest…
Signature: Edward

Paper Wasp Nest

Dear Edward,
This appears to be the nest of a Paper Wasp in the genus Polistes.  The individuals in your image look very dark, leading us to believe they might be
Polistes metricus which is described on BugGuide as “Very dark–abdomen is black and the thorax dark reddish-brown with black lines. Tibiae and tarsi are yellow.”  Based on BugGuide data, the species is reported from Kansas.  Of the genus, BugGuide notes:  “Not as aggressive as Hornets or Yellowjackets. Often build nests under eaves. May be considered beneficial to gardeners (feed on herbivorous insects).”

Subject: Wasp
Location: Cherry Hill NJ
July 24, 2017 3:39 pm
I believe this is a paper wasp, but I could also be wrong. I do not know what is in her mouth though. So my question is, what is that? It’s cool regardless, but is it food, or larva maybe?
Signature: Jamie

Paper Wasp with Prey

Dear Jamie,
This is indeed a Paper Wasp in the genus
Polistes.  Paper Wasps are solitary wasps and workers set out from the nest to forage for food for the larvae.  Paper Wasps frequently prey upon Caterpillars that they skin in the field, then roll the meat into a ball to more easily transport the food back to the nest.

Subject: Not a mud dauber?
Location: Tybee Island, Ga
May 23, 2017 4:23 am
This nest appeared in our windowsill a few weeks ago with 3 insects now there are more though the best has not grown much. My husband thinks it is a mud dauber but I don’t agree as the nest is not made of mud, we have a lot of mud dauber that do nest on the house. Any ideas of how we should handle it?
Signature: Tybee resident

Nesting Paper Wasps

Dear Tybee resident,
You are correct that this is not a Mud Dauber Nest.  Mud Daubers are solitary wasps and a single female constructs the nest.  This is a Paper Wasp nest and the wasps are in the genus
Polistes, but we cannot make out the species based on your image.  Though they are not considered aggressive, Paper Wasps might sting in they perceive their nest to be threatened.   

Subject: Robber Fly
Location: Brackenfell, Western Cape
April 6, 2017 12:28 am
Saw it in our garden during Desember 2016 in Brackenfell, Western Cape. Have never seen it before and I have been living here many years. Are they found all over South Africa?
Signature: Jackie

Carpenter Bee Robber Fly eats Paper Wasp

Dear Jackie,
This Carpenter Bee Robber Fly,
Hyperechia marshalli, feeding on what appears to be a Paper Wasp is a marvelous addition to our Food Chain page.  We are not certain of the exact extent of its range in South Africa, but in our own archives, we have gotten reports from Johannesburg and Gauteng as well as Tanzania.

Polistes exclamansSubject: What kind of wasp is this?
Location: Southern California
March 19, 2017 11:09 pm
Dear bugman,
I was recently in Whittier and noticed a wasp feeding off of some old wood bench. Interested, I decided to capture a video of the wasp and realize that it’s the exact kind of wasp I was stung by years ago as a child.
Every time I’ve searched for what kind of wasp this could be I come up with an overwhelming amount of varieties of wasps that leave me with no clear indication on this type of wasp.
I’ve never seen a different type of wasp in my life but just this one. I live in Southern California so it’s definitely a native wasp. Could you tell what kind it is?
Thank you.
Signature: Daniel

Paper Wasp

Dear Daniel,
This is a social Paper Wasp in the genus
Polistes.  Paper Wasps construct nests from chewed wood pulp, and it is safe to surmise that this individual is gathering pulp to add to a nest.  Based on this and other BugGuide images, we feel confident that this is Polistes exclamans,  a species described on BugGuide as having “Dark antennae with orange tips.”

Paper Wasp

Subject: Big black fly with white stripes
Location: South Africa
March 14, 2017 5:40 am
Dear Bugman
I’m from South Africa. I saw this uge fly on my laundry . It seems like it was feeding on a smal bee. Is this a carpenter bee robber fly?
Signature: Yours sincerely, Gerrit

Carpenter Bee Robber Fly eats Wasp

Dear Gerrit,
This is definitely a Carpenter Bee Robber Fly,
Hyperechia marshalli, a species represented on our site in several previous postings.  We verified its identity on iSpot.  These impressive aerial predators have a particular fondness for preying on large, stinging insects.  Your individual appears to be eating a Paper Wasp.  The Carpenter Bee Robber Fly is also pictured on iNaturalist.